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Local Swingers Spain

Looking to meet local contacts in Spain?

As a British swinger now living in Spain it is only when you move here that you suddenly realise just how big Spain really is! After all if you wanted to drive to meet a couple in the UK, even if you had to drive between a few counties, for the right couple it was worth it, but consider doing the same thing in Spain and you’ll need a plane in the drive!

To make finding local contact easy in Spain we have listed contacts details within the various provinces around Spain, so it doesn’t matter if you are trying to find contacts in Malaga or Denia, within a few clicks you can easily find these members. Or should you prefer you can just use the enhanced searching options we have and you’ll be taken straight to all the contacts within that province.

As a paid member you will also be able to search for British contacts that only speak English or if you wish to meet with Spanish couples list all contacts, so this means finding local contacts around Spain no mater where you live. To give you some idea of the members we have, here are direct links to all the members, although you won’t have access to members photos it will give you some idea of how many members we have within your province:


Also check out some of the more popular towns/cities:

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