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Spanish Swingers Clubs

Spain has no shortage of swingers clubs, bars, brothels and live sex shows, so for a county that has such strong Catholic beliefs you would have thought sex was something that was just kept behind closed doors but you really couldn’t be more wrong.

Spain has loads of bars and swingers clubs that really does puts the UK to shame proving that their liberated attitude towards sex and nudity in general makes Spain one of the best places to go if your a swinger and want to party in the sun.


With such a huge choice of Spanish swingers clubs to choose from you need to make sure you find a good one, after all the last thing you’ll want to do is travel for hours to get to a club only to find out it is either closed or no one uses it.

We’ve posted a few of the clubs in Spain that cover right across all the Costa Swingers locations & inland swingers clubs. So depending on whether you are coming over here on holiday or are a resident of Spain will depend on the nearest club or venue to you.

We offer two ways to read reviews on the Spanish swingers clubs, either by accessing limited reviews here or once you join our site, either free or paid, you can access the members sections and read further reviews within the main clubs listings for Spain.

To help you find the club that’s local to you in Spain read the swingers clubs we’ve details on below.

Please note we are currently updating this section, should you have a club review please drop an email to us with the details:

  • Club One

Do you use swingers clubs in Spain? If so why not send us details of the club along with your review and we will be happy to post details so either couples coming on holiday can visit the best swinging clubs or residents can meet up with other expats or Spanish couples.